2. The most perfect donut. 🍩

  3. hollyhocksandtulips:

    Models Carmen Dell’Orefice and Betsy Pickering, First Avenue and 23rd Street, Harper’s Bazaar, 1958.

    Photo by William Helburn.

    (Source: Flickr / skorver1, via nycnostalgia)

  6. justthedesign:

    Figtny is wearing sweatpants from Alternative Apparel and a heavy knit sweater from Aritzia Wilfred

  8. womensweardaily:

    Barbara Tfank RTW Spring 2015

    Courtesy Photo

    “Mad Men” fans  should look to Barbara Tfank to refresh their spring wardrobes with Sixties flair. For More

    For all RTW Spring 2015

  9. delta-breezes:

    Shalene Roberts | Faith & Composition

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